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3 reasons why your business should have GPS tracking

1 Provide better customer service
Make faster and more efficient dispatching decisions when last minute requests arise. Your customers will appreciate you being able to serve them in their time of urgent need and return to you again and again.

2 Save money with smart dispatching decisions
Knowing where your drivers are is half the battle. When you have a live map of your current driver locations, you can be assured that you are assigning the driver that makes sense for the load.

3 Uncover and address costly driver behavior problems
Vehicle travel history and reports can reveal a lot of about your drivers while they’re on the road. Preparing hard numbers is the first step to addressing behavior issues and to develop better and safer drivers.

On the DSi Mobile website you can:
• See the current location of your trucks with stop duration and speed
• Review vehicle travel history to see where your drivers have been
• Run reports for speeding, idling, stop duration and more!

Our low rates starting at $11.95 per vehicle per month and no contracts makes now the time to start knowing where you fleet is at all times.

Contact our helpful sales reps today at (909) 460 – 6404 or

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Written by: Carolyn Lee