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6 Reasons to Integrate Telematics with your Dispatch System

Fleet tracking is expected to double in the next four years.
If you are a part of this trend, are you choosing a GPS system that integrates with your dispatching software?

A unified system saves time by helping dispatchers make decisions on up-to-date information.

  1. Less Guesswork in Scheduling – Plot pickup/delivery sites, plus truck locations, on a map.  Optimize local routes and improve loaded miles by linking outbound and inbound orders.
  2. More Knowledgeable Customer Service – Clients waiting for delivery can call to receive updated arrival times. Proactive dispatchers can notify the customer when a driver is en route.
  3. Verify Truck Status – GPS units send frequent information about trucks currently on the road. Know exactly who’s on the move and who is off duty.
  4. Automatic Mileage Records –increase accuracy in mileage records and reduce dependency on hand-written logs. By allowing telematics units to calculate on-the-road distances traveled, you have faster access to utilization data.
  5. Find Nearest Truck in Real Time – Priorities changing by the minute, it can be vital to get a quick snapshot of truck locations and availability. Geocoding an address and finding nearby drivers takes less than ten seconds.
  6. Compliance with Company Policies – With the added functionality of DSi Mobile’s web interface, supervisors and managers can see where and when drivers take breaks, how often drivers exceed speed limits, and verify complaints of erratic driving.

With these capabilities available, how does your current dispatching system stack up? Would adding GPS telematics to your operations save time and frustration in your workflow?

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