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Business Analytics: Tools to Save You Money

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Every transportation dispatching system has built-in features for reporting and analytics, but not all systems are robust enough to suit your needs.

A truly useful analytics module will help you find the data you need and convert it into meaningful metrics and statistics. You can find ways to amplify successes and combat wastefulness by asking questions such as:

• Can you identify which drivers make the most on time deliveries?
• Do you know how much your subhaul expenditures have gone up in the past year?
• What is your percentage of loaded miles vs. unloaded miles?

Though every transportation operation likes to know about common utilization metrics, businesses also have unique needs and requirements. The most useful information comes from tailored reports targeting specific situations and challenges that vary from company to company.

By offering flexibility and access to all relevant databases, the best transport dispatching application will give you the freedom to explore how all factors of your operation interact.

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Written by: Carolyn Lee