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DSi Mobile Manager Available for iOS


We’re excited to announce the release of the DSi Mobile Manager application on the iOS App Store. Our Android version was released early this year and users have found it to be an indispensable productivity tool for drivers to stay in sync with dispatchers.

Devices such as smartphones have been adapted by fleets and put in the hands of fleet managers and drivers alike to stay on top of day-to-day operations. Smartphone apps are by far the most cost effective productivity tools. They’re becoming more common in the workplace and it is important for us to provide you with apps to help you be productive and competitive.

Our release of the DSi Mobile Manager application to the iOS store provides fleets the convenience of choice when choosing the tools that best fit their needs. With DSi Mobile Manager on Android & iOS, we now have solutions available for the 95% of mobile devices on the market. This will make it even easier for DSi services to integrate with existing systems as well as future solutions.


DSi Mobile Manager is an application for mobile devices that helps drivers manage their work. With built in tools for things like load management and electronic logs, drivers can more easily manage their day to day assignments. In addition, DSi Mobile Manager automatically syncs with the transportation software used by dispatchers in order to keep drivers and dispatchers on the same page throughout the process of a delivery.

Access Load Data

Load information can be sent to a driver’s device wirelessly by dispatchers. Drivers no longer have to wait for a dispatch to be processed and printed, but instead can keep moving and receive all the load details while on the go without it impacting their schedule.

Set Driver Status

As drivers complete steps on a job, they can change their status on their mobile device. These changes are transmitted back to the dispatcher’s screen so they can stay in sync with driver’s activities. Timestamps of each action are marked and can be used for payroll and billing.

Attach Photos, Signatures & Notes

Device cameras can be used to capture photos and associate them with loads for future reference by dispatchers and managers. Drivers can also use the device’s touch screen to capture signatures for specific jobs.

Smartphone GPS tracking

With the built in GPS capabilities of mobile devices, smartphones can easily be used as a basic, low-cost alternative to standard vehicle GPS tracking. Though they do not offer the same level of detail and connectivity as a tracker that taps directly into a vehicle, they can still provide dispatchers with many of the key benefits of GPS tracking.

Map-view Of Stops

As drivers make stops to pick-up and drop off loads, DSi Mobile Manager automatically records their location and makes it available to dispatchers back at the office. This keeps dispatchers aware of a driver’s daily progress, and provides them with valuable knowledge when dealing with customers.

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