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Celebrating 15 years of DSi Transport Manager

Dispatching Solutions started in a garage. Let me tell you, the American dream is alive and well.

DSi Transport Manager - software for equipment dealerships and trucking

The first version of the software was written in 1991, nearly 23 years ago, in DOS using Borland’s PARADOX database . Then, 9 years later, Jim rewrote the product and moved it to Windows and Access 2.0 because of Y2K concerns.

The original product features included Dispatch, a Quickbooks interface and basic management for drivers, trucks, trailers and customers. This is the foundation that today’s Transport Manager is built on.

By December of 1999, 3 copies were sold and Jim was ready to take the company to the next level. To dedicate his full-time focus to developing and supporting his software product, and the growing number of customers, he left his job at Boeing where he had worked for 13 years, starting as a parts coordinator and ending as a world-travelling subcontract negotiator.

Yes, that brick is as heavy as it looks.

Starting 2000, Jim moved the Transport Manager back-end architecture from MSACCESS to SQLSERVER and GPS was launched within the year. The very first GPS device was about the size of a brick.

From then and on, time flew and the employee count grew to the 40 employees in 2 countries of today. At DSi HQ in Upland, CA, we have a helluva executive team, sharp developers and analysts, and the friendliest, most knowledgeable support staff you will ever come across.

We have grown to more than 2,500 users in construction equipment dealerships across the US and Canada. To each executive, transport/service/IT manager, dispatcher, driver, technician and coordinator that supports us, we say a big THANK YOU.

And that, guys, is the American dream.

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Written by: Carolyn Lee