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DSi Service Manager® is designed to be a central part of your workflow that saves archival information on customers, equipment, jobs, and employee labor. This information is not just saved as records, but to be utilized in analytic reports that help you hone your business practices.

All the data being imported into your system by dispatchers, technicians, and even data being uploaded by integrated GPS units is available to be processed and cross-processed in the DSi Service Manger® reporting interface.

By taking an in-depth look utilization and time spent on types of service requests and by various employees, managers can identify unusually costly or unusually efficient aspects of their operations.  Both outliers are worthy of investigation. Underperforming assets can be examined for bottlenecks and wasteful or redundant processes. Exceptional assets can be studied for key practices which can be shared with other employees or departments to improve performance across the board.

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