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What is 2 x 2? 

Save Time

Save time communicating–from the field to the office, and between offices.

Save time entering data–retrieve previous records and automate invoices.

Save time looking for information–intuitive search and filter functions help find what you need.

Faster Communication

Centralized databases, supported with GPS integration and remote syncing keeps information readily accessible, in the office or in the field. Instead of a call or email to another department, branch–or even to a dispatcher or service technician–information can be entered directly into DSi Service Manager®. Updates will be reflected immediately for every DSi Service Manager® user connected to the database. This eliminates the need to transcribe phone messages, copy-and-paste text information, or even import attached files.

DSi Service Manager® can also deliver email and SMS messages, often in automated capacities. Triggers set up by your own business rules will send alerts to drivers, dispatchers, or managers when a benchmark is reached or operations fall outside permitted guidelines.

Less Data Entry

Every order is placed and processed more quickly with DSi Service Manager®’s auto-fill capabilities. As little as a customer’s name or reference number is enough to fill a work order with data. Contact information, location data, and equipment history are generated from our database. Machine location can even be determined with the click of a button through GPS integration.

Powerful Search

Even with one–or several–work orders open, the DSi Service Manager® dashboard is easy to access. From there a dispatcher can search a variety of fields with exact or partial data to find the necessary work order.

By switching to the “Quick Search” feature, the dispatcher can search listings for a particular machine, customer, employee, jobsite, or one of any number of other data points.

With either method, there are filters available to further narrow down the results, whether by date, zip code, description, or status. Any pair of associated fields can be cross-referenced to help pinpoint the information being sought.

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