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DSi Service Manager® brings you all the software tools needed to dispatch and manage mobile service technicians.

From the initial call to when an invoice is transferred to the accounting department, DSi Service Manager® is thoroughly involved in each part of the workflow and includes a set of features to assist dispatchers in organizing, prioritizing, and monitoring open work orders.

With multiple dashboard options, dispatchers and supervisors can customize the available information to suit their individual needs. Besides being able to sort and filter information, the data can be shown in different view modes to display work orders as text-based details, key points on a map, or time blocks in a calendar.

The Field Technician portion of DSi Service Manager® means that all mobile techs can be as connected in the field as they would be in the office, provided cellular service is available. By using this remote sync feature, schedule changes can be sent to remote workers, and when an order is completed in the field, its information can be sent back immediately, without waiting for the technician to return.