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DSi Service Manager® is solid application on the strength of its internal tools, but deep and thorough integrations with other systems allow DSi Service Manager® to be a central point of information in a field service organization.

Service Manager can be integrated with a wide range of servicesAfter working with several Caterpillar dealers across the country, our development team has six years of experience integrating with DBS Work Tables. As DSi Service Manager® has evolved and added features, we have continued to improve our familiarity with Caterpillar’s unique database system and improve the ways DSi Service Manager shares information with DBS.

Information that already exists in DBS will automatically be viewable and editable through DSi Service Manager® upon configuring the system. This eliminates lengthy export/import processes sometimes associated with adopting a new software system.

DSi Service Manager® also features a close integration with Quickbooks accounting software. Invoices can automatically be sent to Quickbooks to be processed by the accounting department. No papers to be lost, no data entry to be neglected. Our Quickbooks integration also features payroll support. Work hours collected by DSi Service Manager are transferred to Quickbooks to smooth out the process of getting employees paid on time.

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