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What is 9 - 3? 


In an ideal small business situation, a single dispatcher would take care of scheduling and be able to juggle timelines, routes, customer requirements, and driver hours. Such an individual may be able to reorganize and optimize a division’s schedule on the fly, but in a business with more mobile assets, more locations, and more dispatchers, a purely intuitive system cannot hold up. Unless an application is that system.

DSi Service Manager® can optimize and re-organize schedules as often as needed. The changes made by one user are visible to all others, without needing to write them on a physical whiteboard or distribute updated documents.

Changes are easy to make. Work orders can be seen on a timeline view, blocking out the amount of time the job is expected to take.  These blocks can be dragged from one technician to another, or from one timeslot to another.

When a customer far from a branch location needs immediate help, the dispatcher can search for a technician who is available at that moment, but the dispatcher can also consider technicians who are closest to the customer’s location. When a new work order is created, a dispatcher has multiple options for picking the right service technician. After eliminating unqualified techs with our skill-matching algorithm, the dispatcher can consider location and availability before assigning the right technician for the job.

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