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What is 4 + 3? 

Dispatcher Focused

DSi Service Manager®, like DSi Transport Manager® before it, was developed in partnership with DSi customers and the input of the users who would later use it every day.

Though the interface seems intricate, DSi Service Manager®’s views offer users utility in every square inch of space. After a brief adjustment period, new users welcome the ability to access a wide range of information in a single window.

Whether you are working with search options on the dashboard or customer data on a work order, DSi Service Manager® is designed to be fast and accurate. All possibilities are at your fingertips for flexibility on the fly. Options are easily accessible to make the information you need easy to find.

The Dashboard can be customized to highlight work orders based on dispatch status, priority, work order status, division, and more. Save helpful layouts to return to them in the future, and answering a question such as “How many jobs does my division have scheduled tomorrow?”  or “What is the current status of each high priority job?” can be answered in just a few clicks.

When a new work order needs to be created, keyboard shortcuts and auto-fill algorithms make preparing the information a single-screen process. By helping dispatchers enter data more quickly and more accurately, DSi Service Manager® eases the workflow, helping the whole department do more with less hassle.

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