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Field Tech

Did you know that DSi Service Manager® is more than a dispatching portal? Besides the primary functions of scheduling service calls, generating reports, and serving as a management dashboard, it has capabilities that go even further.

Through the sub-application DSi Service Manager: Field Tech®, field technicians can easily access work orders they have been assigned to, even when they are away from the office.  By storing this necessary data locally on the mobile worker’s laptop, the DSi Service Manager: Field Techn® application allows techs to be as informed as possible, without needing access to either wireless internet or cellular connection.

Service Manager: Field Tech - Calendar View

While on the job, technicians can add labor entries, make note of parts used or needed, and even add photo attachments to a work order. All these changes are applied to the central work order by simply clicking the “sync” button once database connectivity has been re-established.

Though created to function on a laptop computer, DSi Service Manager: Field Tech® is undergoing testing for use on Windows-based tablets, with Android compatibility expected in 2013.

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