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Power Generator Repair

For companies installing and servicing specialized equipment, such as power generators or other alternative energy sources, DSi Service Manager® offers software for optimized dispatching that handles repair records and scheduling with ease.

Reminders can be scheduled to send alerts about routine maintenance or inspections. These can be established and deployed based on the rules of your business, and can be tied to a customer name or a machine number.

When timetables are filling up with either preventative or emergency field work, our optimizing tools can ensure that each field technician is used to best effectiveness. Use the mapping feature of our scheduler to understand the regional distribution of upcoming service calls. By using this to group appointments and form routes, dispatchers can make the most efficient use of the resources at their disposal.

After completing a job, or even in a moment of downtime while still on-site, a service technician can enter any and all information about his tasks into DSi Service Manager: Field Tech®. Parts replaced can be noted, and if any additional services were performed on the spot for the customer, those can be included as well. All information is synced to the central database automatically to keep records up to date.

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