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Four Hidden Powers of DSi Mobile Manager

In evaluating the health of your dispatch system, you should not only consider the software used to manage the schedule, but how effectively dispatchers communicate with drivers.

Installing a full-featured telematics device has two obvious benefits: tracking the truck, and giving the driver turn-by-turn navigation capabilities.

Thanks to integration with DSi Transport Manager, our dispatching software, devices with DSi Mobile Manager can do much more.

  1. Track Load Information – Loads assigned to a driver with a DSi Mobile Manager device automatically show up in that driver’s dispatch list. Load status is returned from the device when a driver updates it to a status such as “In Transit” or “Complete”.
  2. Two-Way Messaging – DSi Mobile Manager allows dispatchers to send short messages and updates directly to drivers. A simplified interface gives drivers access to pre-written replies for typical situations, plus the option to compose a custom reply in unusual situations.
  3. Deliver PDF Documents – When a bill of lading, invoice, or permit needs to be sent to a driver on the road, our touchscreen devices can receive PDF documents sent from DSi Transport Manager. These documents can be viewed on the device or printed with an in-cab printer.
  4. Track Driver Status – The duty-status of a driver can be updated through DSi Mobile Manager and viewed in DSi Transport Manager on the loads the driver is assigned to. In 2013, driver status will part of an integrated eLog feature to track Hours of Service compliance.
Get in touch today and we can walk you through all the benefits of integrating telematics with your transportation system.


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Written by: Carolyn Lee