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Four Key Dispatching Actions in Four Clicks Each

Every second is important in a dispatch office. Searching for software menus and buttons eats up valuable time.

DSi Transport Manager was designed with dispatchers in mind to be a streamlined application that helps users accomplish key tasks quickly.

1)      Assign a driver to a job

In Schedule View, DSi Transport Manager features an extensive drop-down menu to give dispatchers easy access to frequent tasks. By right-clicking on the load to be assigned and selecting “Assign Driver…”, a dispatcher can add the job to a driver’s list without opening the dispatch screen.

2)      Create a return-trip order

When a piece of equipment needs to be returned to a yard after rental, or back to a customer after repair, the DSi Transport Manager dispatch screen makes getting it done fast. Buttons for duplicating orders and switching pick-up and delivery locations are readily accessible

3)      Dispatch a load

In a time-crunch, a basic work order can be created and dispatched in under a minute via our single-screen dispatch form. All you need to do it select the customer, load destination, and driver. Pre-defined information profiles streamline the rest.  Dispatchers can print or email dispatch reports and get them to drivers without delay.

4)      Calculate a new quote

With only pick-up location, delivery location and trailer type entered into a new order, a dispatcher can click a button for an on-screen quote. This feature displays not only trip distance, but expected drive time, and more. Quote rates are calculated based on drive time, load/unload times, load rate, and any special fees or surcharges relevant to the load type. Printing or emailing quotes takes only one step more.

Curious to learn more? Contact our team and we will walk you through our transportation management software and discuss how it aligns with your workflow.


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Written by: Carolyn Lee