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Black Box

GPS Tracking Device - AX7 - uses OBDII port

Our latest black box device is the AX7. Use it on any vehicle that has an OBDII port. Plug it in and start tracking it on DSi Mobile. You will see its GPS location, travel speed, stop duration and have access to see travel history. It is really easy to install (watch our tutorial video) and get started with improving fleet efficiency.

GPS tracking device - AK7 - 3-wire black boxThe AK7, a 3-wire GPS tracking unit, is designed to be installed in a wide range vehicles. Any vehicle or machine with power and ignition can use this device. Key capabilities of these devices include asset tracking and vehicle use reporting via ignition monitoring.

Mobile assets are tracked with the latest GPS technology. This information is delivered to DSi servers for viewing through DSi Mobile and DSi Transport Manager®. Data collected includes¬†travel time/distance, GPS location, and direction of travel.

The simple, compact design of the AK7 offers greater reliability while also saving space, reducing components, and improving battery life.

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