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Mobile Data Terminals

Our flagship touchscreen device, the M507, is available to simplify driver-dispatch communications.

Load management on the device allows drivers to set the status of their jobs, whether they are out for pick-up, en route to delivery, or if the delivery has been completed. Work status can also be set, accurately capturing when a driver is on duty or taking a break.

Two way messaging lets dispatchers reach out to drivers and helps drivers respond. Mobile data terminals provide tools for drivers to reply with scripted responses or a free-form message. Load information can also be wirelessly transmitted to the device, keeping drivers up-to-date with their schedule of pick-ups and deliveries.

This in-cab asset tracking solution also has a full color touch screen and keypad buttons that are intuitive and easy to use. Optional GPS turn-by-turn navigation with Co-Pilot helps drivers get to their pick-up points via optimized routes. Co-Pilot uses special mapping software to make sure every road the truck drives on is part of a truck route.

Also available is a mounting stand to affix the unit inside a vehicle. This allows a driver to check the M507 for updates, information, or directions with just a glance.

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