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DOT Compliance

DOT Compliance Overview

Department of Transportation Logo
How It Works
The United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is responsible for the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles. They initiate and enforce regulations within the industry to ensure the safety of these activities. Knowledge of these regulations is crucial in order to successfully operate within the industry.

Why it’s needed
If you serve within the transportation industry, then you are subject to complying with DOT regulations. This compliance is necessary to help set a standard for safety within the trucking community. However, these strict rules and guidelines can significantly affect your bottom line if not handled properly.

DSi’s Solution for Compliance
DSi has developed services and tools that can help your business stay current with DOT regulations. From our simple and effective software that allows drivers to manage their HoS, to our state of the art hardware which can keep dispatchers and truck drivers informed of important information. Employing DSi’s solutions for DOT Compliance can help your business function more effectively.

Important Dates – DOT Compliance Timeline
Stay up to date with all of the news and regulations coming from the DOT that will affect your business.