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The DSi Solution

DSi's DOT Compliance Solution

DSi offers many products and services that are certified DOT Compliant and built to meet FMCSA specifications and requirements. Take a look at how you can adhere to DOT regulation using our e-log solution, and improve efficiency, by taking advantage of our software.

Hours-of-Service (HoS) Compliance

- Violation Warnings: If the driver is approaching the last X hours of their driver time, they’ll be notified

- Movement Detection: If the driver moves and forgets to set the status to “Driving” the device will do it automatically.
MX7 E-Logs Device
- Driver can approve current and past logs right on the device

E-Logs Web App

- Dashboard: See all current driver statuses, current location and remaining hours.

- Widgets:
-Unapproved logs
-Quick report
-Driver Snapshot (a module
specifically made for drivers so they
can change status even if they’re
not near their device)

- Settings: Allows user to create groups of drivers and manage multiple intrastate rules.

Schedule, Dispatch and More…
Stay current with drivers and service technicians.
Keeping dispatchers informed of drivers’ and service technicians’ hours is essential for proper scheduling. With DSi’s Transport Manager and Service Manager, dispatchers will always have the data necessary to schedule the right person, for the right job, at the right time.


    - Keep track of driver’s / technician’s hours worked
    - Review a driver’s / technician’s remaining workable hours
    - Select the optimal driver / technician to schedule for an assignment
    - Streamline your workflow from quote to invoice

DSi Transport Manager
DSi Service Manager

DSi’s GPS solutions help streamline asset management processes.
DSi Movile Android App

    - Asset tracking/vehicle history
    - Monitor idle time
    - Reduce risk by monitoring erratic driver behavior
    - Alerts for speeding, hard braking and erratic driving
    - Fuel Consumption
    - Integration with the vehicle ECM
    - Multiple hardware options for a wide variety of vehicles

DSi Mobile

Detailed Notifications
Proactive system reminders and alerts to help you better manage your employees

With the detailed notification and alert functionality integrated into our Transport and Service Manager software drivers and technicians will remain current on all important renewal dates.

Calendar Notes
- Reminders for renewals on licenses, medical cards and Hazmat certifications
- HR reminders for employee reviews, drug testing, etc.
- Safety alerts for erratic driver behavior, such as speeding, hard braking and rapid lane changes
-Scheduling alerts for idle vehicles, Geofence movement & hours of service compliance

In-Cab Printing
Give drivers the access to key resources on the go.
In-Cab Printing
Keep your trucks moving with the capability to print permits and dispatches in your cabs. Our in-cab printing solution is integrated with Mobile Manager and runs on the same devices you use for Mobile Manager.

- Drivers have all the necessary paper work available to them on the road
- Less time waiting, more time transporting

Record and organize digital files

Keep your important files, reports, and logs organized and at your fingertips at all times with our digital filing solution. Easily access relevant files for DOT audits and inspections, instead of fumbling through filing cabinets and wasting valuable time looking for necessary documents.

DSi Documinder

If you have questions about any of the products mentioned here, or want to find out more about how DSi can help your business meet DOT Compliance regulations and save money, get in touch with our sales department by visiting our sales page.

Or email: sales@dispatchingsolutions.com