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DSi Mobile

DSi Mobile Fleet Tracking & Management

DSi Mobile is a GPS asset tracking solution that can be used as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with DSi Service Manager® and/or DSi Transportation Manager®. DSi Mobile incorporates a two-part system into your workflow, allowing centralized information to be accessed by dispatchers via desktop web portal and by drivers via certified mobile devices.

The most basic function and feature of the DSi Mobile web application is displaying your assets on a map, but its abilities go much deeper. In Map Tracker, those “dots” are color coded to show connectivity status for each truck, and clicking a truck’s icon allows access to more tools, including Breadcrumb Mode. Through this location history tool, dispatchers can track where each vehicle has been for the past day, the past week, or any given time period.

Geofencing is an integrated aspect of DSi Mobile. Set operational areas for tracked vehicles, individually or in groups, and receive alerts when they cross GPS-set boundaries. Instant dispatch notification of a truck going beyond its parking or delivery zone increases driver accountability and limits unauthorized vehicle use.

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