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DSi Mobile is a robust telematics solution that integrates with DSi Transport Manager® to enhance the capabilities of both systems. The ability to see mobile assets as dots on a map is universally useful, but when specifically linked with DSi Transport Manager®, DSi Mobile can do so much more.

DSi Mobile supports DSi Transport Manager® by automatically sending the dispatching system information about what is happening in the field. Driver logs in DSi Transport Manager® can be automatically filled in by positioning data from a GPS device. Internal logic calculates mileage which can be leveraged for a variety of compliance and analytic uses. DSi Mobile devices with a visual interface allows for drivers to set their work status and the status of their loads. By sending this information back to DSi Transport Manager®, DSi Mobile allows dispatchers to quickly check the progress of a day’s work without individually contacting drivers.

Dispatchers using DSi Transport Manager® and DSi Mobile together can also transmit information to drivers. DSi Mobile devices with a visual interface can receive load information and text-based messages from DSi Transport Manager®. This allows drivers to reliably receive update to their schedule for the day. Instead of returning to the office or taking down order details in a phone call, a driver can be alerted via DSi Mobile device that a new load has been added to his agenda, and confirm receipt right in the device.

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