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Choosing the Right Field Service Solution

Top 3 Must-have Features for Construction Equipment Dealers

For many heavy equipment dealers and rental firms, the service division represents the largest source of revenue and the highest visibility to customers. It also represents the area with the most challenges and the highest potential for significant efficiency gains.
The proper use of technology will help improve control of field service operations. The technology that used should support current best practices and implement procedures and processes that will help to improve overall service operations.
The market offers many field service software products. The key is to pick a solution that is developed with the construction equipment services market in mind. With gathered experience, it is evident that there are three main features that must be included in a service management solution:
Feature #1 – Field Technician Software The software must support technicians that work in the field. It must provide them with all of the information they need to resolve problems on the field in just one service call. This software must be able to work either online, or offline.

Feature #2 – Schedule Optimization
Good field service software will help automatically optimize the schedules of technicians. It will consider technician skill levels and proximity to work sites. It will also factor preventative maintenance work into the schedule.

Feature #3 – Process Rules and Alerts
Good service management software will have built-in business rules management and alerting functions. This will allow service managers to focus on the important issues that need immediate attention. It also helps to enforce business processes without requiring extra staff to continuously monitor them.

The right field service management solution provides the process and controls it needs to better manage field service operations. In the past, customers have experienced WIP reductions of better than 20%, overtime reductions of better than 50% and fuel savings of up to 10% by using the right field service management software built for construction equipment dealers.