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DSi’s involvement with our customers doesn’t end when the papers are signed and the software installed.

We believe in fully supporting our software and our customers so they can make maximum use of what Dispatching Solutions, inc has to offer.

For day-to-day support, we offer three different Service Agreements that manage rates for support incidents and software upgrades.

After an install, or when a customer is interested in taking their use of our software to the next level, training is available at your location, at DSi Headquarters, or through online conferencing.

For a more in-depth review of your operational workflow, we offer onsite consulting. Our experts can visit your location to observe your processes and suggest improvements for your day-to-day operations.

Another way DSi is able to  help smooth your workflow is through integration with other applications. We have completed integrations with dozens of other systems, from rental to accounting, and can build ways for DSi products to tie in with yours, too.

Features requested by customers go through an internal review process and can become eligible for custom development.