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Training Options

Even as our customers grow into their DSi products and begin to use more advanced features, our software is growing, too. Each new version brings more ways to improve records, track performance, and simplify workflow processes.  To educate customers on the specialized ways to use our products, we offer several types of user training: off-site, on-site, and online.

In order to simultaneously train several users on the ins and outs of our applications, DSi sends training specialists to your office for hands-on instruction. Training sessions can last from one to several days and allow our experts to examine the current conditions of your dispatching process. From there, they are able to tailor the training to suit your situation and your needs.

Another in-person training option is to send users to our offices for an in-depth course. This type of training is especially useful to companies or users who are new to the DSi products, as it offers an immersive learning experience separate from the distractions of your home office.

Besides private training, we occasionally offer group classes at DSi Headquarters. These classes are opportunities for users to learn a specific aspect (often Report Writing) of DSi Service Manager® or DSi Transport Manager®. Targeted classes normally last for two days.

If devoting one or more full days to training is not possible, DSi is able to offer remote training through online conferences. Besides the savings on travel costs, this training method offers other benefits.  Through this method, a normal training course can be broken up into smaller pieces over several days. By distributing the same material over a longer period of time, each lesson take less time away from a trainee’s normal duties. Also, trainees can apply new knowledge from these classes in between sessions and return to class with informed questions.

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