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The Case for Professional Development for Dealers

3 common excuses and reasons to stop making them

Professional Development

In business, managers understand the idea of investing in equipment, inventory and tools because the input (cost) and return (revenue) can be easily measured to evaluate the ROI. Yet when asked what their most valuable asset is, businesses answer that it is People. The reasons why companies hesitate to invest in People via professional development for workers and managers are varied. Here are some common excuses… sound familiar?

1. We are too busy to take time away from the office

If you’re waiting for a lull in business so that your workers can take time away for a class, you hope it never comes because that means business is slowing down! They will always be busy. If you invest in their professional skills, they will be better equipped to handle challenges and be more productive and efficient to handle when it gets even busier.

In addition to seminars that are held in location that you have to travel to, you can look into webinars as well that offer the same degree of interactivity with the speaker yet can still be attended from your own office via web-conferencing.

2. I don’t want to make them more employable for someone else

If you don’t invest in them, they’re likely to leave anyway. Statistically speaking, 84% of employees say that they are more likely to stay with a company that invests in their professional development. While they’re employed with you, your company will benefit from the higher rate of productivity and quality of work. You’ll also establish your company as an employer of choice improving your quality of new hires.

3. The courses I’ve found seem generic and aren’t relevant to my industry/business

Programs, like leadership or teambuilding ones, that are open to multiple industries provide a good place for attendees to think outside the box when interacting with others from different industries. It becomes an eye-opening experience to hear about how other companies handle similar situations.

In cases where you’re looking for training specific to your industry, it is a good idea to check with associations within your industry, like AED (Associated Equipment Distributors) which just released their 2014 schedule. They offer classes geared towards dealerships and build skills to face the unique challenges of a dealer business. Also for more specific skill building, check with your dispatching and accounting software providers for webinars or sessions to refine your workflow processes and learn new skills.

One common thread in successful companies is People priority. This isn’t limited to taking care of employees through good pay, great benefits and health insurance. It should extend to bettering their professional skills too.

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Written by: Carolyn Lee