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Top 5 Reports for Transportation Fleets

You’ve invested in the latest technology, but the information you gather won’t reveal its true value without proper analysis. With a handful of well-chosen reports, you can get a clear look at how your operation is performing and use the analysis to be more profitable.

The best dispatching system will have a robust reporting system, allowing you to use pre-written reports, or customize your own. Here are our top picks for the most useful reports.

1)      Loaded vs Unloaded Miles

Are your routes optimized? – Take a look at the ratio of empty miles your trucks drive and synchronize deliveries and pick-ups to bill more hours.

2)      Percentage of On-Time Loads

Does your company live up to its ideals of customer service? – Examine instances of “late” and “very late” deliveries by division, driver, or destination. Adjusting training or expected travel-times can improve your reputation.

3)      Revenue by Subhauler

Is it time to invest in more local assets?  – Over-reliance on subhaulers can be a sign that your operation is ready to grow, and shrinking subhaul revenues might mean it is time to renegotiate subhaul agreements.

4)      Truck Utilization 

How many loaded miles do your trucks drive each day? – The basics of asset utilization are so central to transportation they risk being overlooked. By frequently checking truck utilization, you can quickly catch new trends and investigate unusual cases.

5)      Revenue Analysis

Do you have a balanced customer base? – Viewing results by customer and customer category can help clearly identify your most valuable customers. Advanced reports can filter by salesperson as well, allowing you to offer sales incentives and loyalty rewards for your best customers.

Curious to learn more about reporting metrics? Contact our team and we will walk you through our transportation management software and discuss how it aligns with your workflow.


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Written by: Carolyn Lee