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What is 3 - 1? 


DSi Transport Manager® is our first-developed and best-selling application.

By focusing on the needs of construction service providers, DSi has created specialized tools to address the needs of heavy haul, bulk haul, and specialized transportation industries.

The DSi team worked side-by-side with dispatchers to build a system that not only fits the workflow of a transportation company, but improves its operations. DSi┬áTransport Manager® has the tools and functions to help a dispatcher shepherd an order from the initial call to the invoice being sent for payment. Mapping functions help to optimize the driver’s route at the beginning of an order, and a quick-entry system makes it easy to enter hours, mileage, and expenses when the job is complete.

Besides assisting with tasks within an order, DSi Transport Manager® has a dashboard that keeps everything organized. Glancing at one screen can tell a dispatcher or supervisor the status of every open order, and entering just one or two search terms on another screen can bring up details about orders completed in the past.

DSi Transport Manager® saves all information entered into the system, so job locations, contact information, equipment details, and customer histories never get lost.