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DSi Transport Manager® boasts a detailed, customizable dashboard that helps you get a quick look at the daily workload of your organization.

Multiple views can be saved to show you past and present dispatches as a list, scheduled on a timeline, or arranged on a map.

In List View, you can filter the orders you wish to see by date and organize the results by driver, status, customer, or any other variable. Columns not shown in the default view can be added and arranged from the customization panel.
Loads can also be color-coded on a per-user basis. Each individual dispatcher can choose custom colors to highlight loads based on status or priority, making it obvious which orders need immediate attention.

Switch to Timeline View to know at a glance what each driver’s workload looks like in the days ahead. Loads can be dragged from one driver to another in our interactive and intuitive replacement for a typical scheduling whiteboard. Adjustments are easy to make and remake as situations change.

DSi Transport Manager®’s Map View gives a high-level display of how pickup and delivery locations are distributed in your operating area. ┬áThis spatial insight gives dispatcher the ability to create routes based on drop-off and pick-up locations that are near to each other, which will minimize empty miles.

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