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Dispatch Screen

DSi Transport Manager® features a single-page dispatch screen that allows a dispatcher to enter all information relevant to an order.

Locations, driver, truck, and trailer information, load details, even necessary fees and permits can be filled in from a single view, affording users a smooth workflow. By not switching back and forth between multiple windows to notate various job requirements, dispatchers can save time and serve customers efficiently.

Every corner of the dispatch screen is utilized and optimized to help users move orders forward. From this central screen, a dispatcher can print a quote, order confirmation, dispatch, subhaul agreement, or invoice. Alternatively, these documents can be delivered electronically to simplify operations.

Auto-fill abilities also speed up the dispatching process. Just a few keystrokes can fill in the name of a returning customer, and auto-populate contact details, location information, and more. By pre-defining default relationships between drivers, trucks, and trailers, assigning one load-element to a job can apply the others as well.

These pre-determined relationships can be overridden, but DSi Transport Manager® is designed to automate frequent tasks and reduce redundant typing.

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