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In today’s economy, business relationships are more critical than ever, and DSi is pleased to be able to offer our customers the tools that will help build solid, profitable relationships when outsourcing loads to carriers. Our customers gain a competitive advantage by extending fleets with on-demand carriers while still providing real-time visibility to their clients.

When a company’s capacity constraints are reached, outside carriers are often needed to ensure schedules are met and customers are happy. This on-demand fleet expansion is not only smart business when used carefully, it is critical in many situations. Specialty loads, requiring trailers not part of your fleet, and seasonal changes in demand are prime reasons to hire outside carriers on an as-needed basis.

Unfortunately, using outside carriers usually means additional tasks for dispatchers. Phone calls, emails, and faxes are necessary to assign, transfer, confirm, and double-check outsourced loads, but they are time-consuming. Real-time information becomes some-time information, but is still critical. Sometimes several phone calls are required to find a carrier, transmit load information, and verify delivery. Loadseeker is an integrated part of DSi Transport Manager that solves these problems.

After the one-time step of configuring a connection to another Loadseeker-compatible system, a few clicks in your DSi Transport Manager® application can send a load to a subhauler’s system in seconds. The customer data is replaced with your information, but all other data remains intact, allowing your subhauler to complete the job and return the record to your system.

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