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What is 2 x 2? 


DSi Transport Manager® has a core of features that are applicable to transportation operations as a whole. Specialized features on top of those core functions helps DSi Transport Manager® to be especially suited for certain industries. And you don’t need to pick just one. For small businesses that serve a variety of specialized transportation needs, our application comes with options for three types of dispatches.

Equipment rental companies take advantage of DSi Transport Manager® by using equipment tables to match machinery to the correct trailer, and a one-click method of swapping pick-up and delivery locations to make returning equipment a breeze. DSi Transport Manager® also integrates with a number of rental system solutions to further streamline your operations.

Our specialized transportation features make it easier to manage the extra fees and permits associated with oversized loads. Besides matching equipment with trailers, DSi Transport Manager® can match a load requiring special skills with a driver that has the necessary qualifications.

DSi Transport Manager® has a Bulk Haul dispatch module that focuses on the special information you need when transporting bulk materials. The system incorporates tables for various materials and vendors for a streamlined way to access transportable goods.