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Winter 2013 Training Programs

The off-season is the perfect time to take a day or two with our expert trainers and learn more about DSi Transport Manager. There are courses for novice to seasoned users and we are always open to customizing our curriculum to include specific topics that you’re interested in.

Trainees will walk away with a better understanding of DSi Transport Manager and bring news ideas back to the office on how to analyze and streamline processes. This new-found knowledge helps dispatchers be more confident in their position and improves customer service.

Special discounts are available for Gold and Platinum customers. For more information on pricing and class availability, please contact our sales team.

Report Writing Class – Learn how to create customized reports for your organization from the data that is collected in DSi Transport Manager.

Basic Dispatching Course – This one day 6 hour course teaches the day-to-day foundations of using DSi Transport Manager. It is ideally suited for new dispatchers or employees being re-trained or cross-trained.

Business Process Focus Course – An in-depth analysis session with our experienced analysts to improve your company’s processes and use of DSi solutions, resulting in increased profitability and efficiency

Accounting Focus Course – Delve into the robust and flexible invoicing, payroll and settlements modules to speed up accounting processes and account for every dollar even in complex scenarios.

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Written by: Carolyn Lee